The Menstrual Cup

The menstrual cup has been around for almost 90 years and yet not enough people know about it. Most people we know where taught about tampons and pads and not a word about menstrual cups. Fortunately for us, it has been on the rise in the last few years. I’ve seen a lot of talk […]

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The Fast Fashion Industry

Whether you are into fashion or not you’ve probably heard about the environmental impact of fast fashion and all its unethical aspects. From child labour and inhuman working conditions to the tremendous carbon footprint there’s no denying that we have to think more carefully about what and how much we consume.  And I think we do. […]

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Maura’s music picks of 2017

Early this year, when Lower Than Atlantis released their latest album Save in Sound I started a spotify playlist called “2k17 – Good Stuff”. I did the same last year with my “Good things of 2k16” playlist (somehow i can’t keep a pattern with titles, it’s like I’m writing fast and furious movies). It honestly […]

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Long distance friendship part 2

The first time Aylin called me her best friend I remember freaking out inside because I’ve had best friendships before; They never lasted. Usually because I’d move to a different city and we just faded away. I didn’t want that for Aylin because to me she was this bubbly, optimistic sunflower and she deserved the […]

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Being A Badass Bitch

Cool walk. Slick sunglasses. Effortless chic. Terrifying aura. We all know and fear them: the boss-ass girls running around in every metropolis! They overflow with confidence and make it look oh so easy at the same time. The complete opposite of that? Me. I am as soft as it gets and I have absolutely no […]

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Going Solo

Last year on the 28th of August I had a life changing experience: I saw Wolf Alice live for the first time. If you know me personally you know how in love I am with this band. And you know what? It almost didn’t happen! Why you ask? Well first of all the following week […]

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