Long distance friendship part 2

The first time Aylin called me her best friend I remember freaking out inside because I’ve had best friendships before; They never lasted. Usually because I’d move to a different city and we just faded away. I didn’t want that for Aylin because to me she was this bubbly, optimistic sunflower and she deserved the […]

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Being A Badass Bitch

Cool walk. Slick sunglasses. Effortless chic. Terrifying aura. We all know and fear them: the boss-ass girls running around in every metropolis! They overflow with confidence and make it look oh so easy at the same time. The complete opposite of that? Me. I am as soft as it gets and I have absolutely no […]

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Going Solo

Last year on the 28th of August I had a life changing experience: I saw Wolf Alice live for the first time. If you know me personally you know how in love I am with this band. And you know what? It almost didn’t happen! Why you ask? Well first of all the following week […]

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On friendships and DIY haircuts

I wanted to start this post with some cheesy tagline like “friendships are like cutting hair, if you do something wrong doesn’t mean it won’t grow back” but that doesn’t even make sense so I gave up. A good haircut is like a good friendship. It lifts you up, makes you confident, and makes you […]

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Be Your Own Sunshine

We all know those cloudy days were we feel a bit blue and tired and don’t really want to do anything. Nothing seems to go right and all you want to do is curl up in your bed and watch Netflix. While that is a nice choice you can make sometimes you got to seize […]

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A Conversation On Pride Parades

It’s Pride month which means pride parades everywhere!!! Right? If, like Aylin or me, you live in a country like Belgium or Germany there’s probably one in your city, or a city close by. You’ll be able to celebrate your gender identity, your sexual orientation, or the one of someone you’re close to. If you’re […]

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