You have to start somewhere

We are just two girls. The epitome of best friends. Bros.

This is Aylin:


She loves everything in the shape of the moon,

Could probably kill you on the dancefloor,

Used to be able to write with both hands, but then she was told to choose a side (bi-pun intended),

Somehow everyone who needs a good outfit comes to her for help because her closet is magical,

Maura calls her Turkish Delight because she is turkish and a delight.






Sketch125221012    This is Maura:


If you’d ask her about her hobbies she’d probably start her list with “wearing other people’s clothes”,

Claims Batman and Robin is a cinematic masterpiece,

Somehow convinced herself one of her plants displays her emotional health,

Once got her name spelled “Mora” at starbucks and told everyone about it,

Calls the ocean her girlfriend.






We want to use this blog to share and collect ideas and memories, but also to have a united creative outlet.
All I can say from here is: Allez…



One thought on “You have to start somewhere

  1. Love this post! Great outfit indeed! I have just set up a blog and people like you inspire me a lot! Big thanks 🙂 If you will have some time, you can check it out and leave your thoughts 🙂 I would be very thankful

    xoxo, Marie


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