Playful Yet Chic

Honestly, this is one of my favourite looks because a.) everything is super comfortable, b.) my socks are yellow (which is my absolute favourite colour in fashion), and c.) it requires no effort whatsoever.

Maura: The dungaree is a fan favourite;
I wear it at least once every time I visit. I could create a hundred looks with it! 

This particular combination is so simple, yet stylish.
I picture a french lady wearing it: She’s a mum (or maybe an aunt) and was casually inspired by her toddler child who’s about to go on a play date. Of course she would never admit that’s how she got the look.
She’s spicing the look up by leaving one of the straps unhooked creating an effortless finish to round everything up. Did she take her time finding the perfect shirt to go with the denim and the socks? Probably, but you won’t even guess because there is this loose strap! This is how it works right?? Allez!

Aylin: That’s true she always wears it -mostly on days I want to wear it too.
I don’t think that’s how it works but here we make the rules so I GUESS.

Great minds think alike!

Top – Frank & Oak
Dungaree – secondhand market
Socks – Frank & Oak

Ring – Brandy Melville
Necklace – Grand Bazaar (Istanbul)

It’s a look!

A Lük!


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