Today I’m thinking about: Anita

I’ve thought about doing a series of posts about inspiring people or people we look up to etc and I said to Aylin we should make this not only about famous people whose sense of fashion we like, but also about people who inspire us with their thoughts and actions, with their opinions and values, with their lives.

The first person I want to talk about in this series is not even famous at all. In my humble opinion she should be. Her name is Anita. I call her Abuela because she is my grandmother. The reason I thought of her as the first person of this series is because on the first of June she passed away. And as you do when a loved one passes I spent some time thinking about her, looked through some old photos (some really old photos) and thought some more.

snapchat-750162772.jpgWhen I see pictures like this one it is not hard at all to imagine her in younger years.

She used to ride horses without a saddle when she lived in Asturias in her youth. My grandpa told me when he visited her they would race back to her home. Usually she won.

As a young adult she followed my grandpa to Germany – not speaking a single word german – and worked there as a guest worker until retirement all the while raising my father. I mean just imagine that! Living in a country you don’t speak the language of, a country that doesn’t even bother integrating you because you’re supposed to leave when they don’t need you anymore. I mean her other option would have been to stay in Franco Spain so…

My dad told me once that my grandma didn’t know her father, he didn’t know why though and I never got around to ask her myself about it. In the end it doesn’t really matter (and I’m not really keen on looking into spanish history if there was some military bullshit going on in spain in 1933). What it confirmed to me was that you don’t need a man to become the world’s greatest person ever to exist.

If I had to describe her in one word it had to be fire. She talked loudly, went to the hairdresser once a week, and met up at the local pool with her friends to play poker with cent coins.

We share the same favourite colour which is purple and when I wear my trainers I think of her.


She was also very committed to exclusively wearing gold jewellery. So committed in fact I didn’t even know she had 4 different pearl necklaces until a week ago.

There are a million more stories I can share of her, she lived life with everything she had. So no, I don’t feel like grieving, I feel like celebrating the life she had. If she could see me now and I’d be crying about her she’d probably tell me to get my shit together.

Xx Maura



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