On friendships and DIY haircuts

I wanted to start this post with some cheesy tagline like “friendships are like cutting hair, if you do something wrong doesn’t mean it won’t grow back” but that doesn’t even make sense so I gave up.

A good haircut is like a good friendship. It lifts you up, makes you confident, and makes you believe you can achieve anything in life.
Nailed it.

Aylin wtf that’s genius! Okay now I can get started!!

The first time I let Aylin cut my hair  it wasn’t a big deal. It was early August – way too hot outside – and I had a buzzcut.
So technically there wasn’t much she could do wrong. However, it did feel cool sitting in her shower, listening to good music as she buzzed away, and cleaned the edges.
I trust her to death so she could have literally shaved a shitty heart shape into the side of my head and I wouldn’t have minded.

Me and my personal hairdresser (Aylin) after a successful buzzcut last August



Late September Aylin then decided to jump on the buzzcut band wagon. With her in Brussels and me in Dublin I couldn’t really help her out with that. Luckily though other friends where around to do the job and it turned out fantastic.



Since late December I have been growing out my buzzcut and I’ve been dreading going to the hairdressers ever since.
When growing out short hair the bothersome part about it is having to cut some part of it every few weeks otherwise it looks… bad, but I didn’t want go to some random hairdresser just so they could give me an feminised version of the haircut I want to have. No offence, but just because I am female doesn’t mean I wan’t my short haircut to have a soft finish just so I can run to the hairdressers two days later yet again to cut it.

So obviously, as I am impulsive by nature I decided what could go wrong if I just did some trimming myself. I took the hair clipper and a handmirror and cut the hair on the back of my head and over my ears.
Disclaimer: If  you’re a prefectionist then please, never attempt to do this at home.
It didn’t turn out bad to be quite honest, but I’m sure at a closer look you would have seen how messy the lines are.
Cutting my own hair gives me a feeling of being in charge of myself. It gives me the chance to gradually change it up without having to rush anything. If I cut it, wash it two times and the haircut doesn’t work out I can change what’s wrong without having to debate whether I want to run back to the hairdresser or endure it until my next visit.

Obviously there are things you cannot do easily by yourself. In April, when my hair was getting long enough to turn it into the 90s Kon-El haircut I’ve always wanted to have, it was time to let Aylin do the honours.
Luckily, I was visiting her that month so she took care of it for me. I swear I didn’t even give her clear instructions, she just knows me so well and hit the nail on the head with the haircut, seriously I’m still in awe. There’s nothing this girl can’t do.



Now a few months later I have adapted this hairstyle into a sort of bowl cut thing.


My overall aesthetic has always been effortless. Often times that term is used by people that put a lot of work into looking like they didn’t try and I respect that because it obviously requires lots of dedication that I do not have. I think it’s alright not to be the perfect kind of effortless. I like things a bit crooked or having pieces that don’t quite fit together. Making them work anyway is fun!
That’s why homemade haircuts work so well for me. They work because they are customed to my hair and I don’t have to put in all that effort and tons of product for it to sit the way I want it to sit.

If you’re like that and you feel like cutting your hair then I suggest you invest in some hair scissors and or a hair clipper (depending on the length of your hair and what you want to do with it) and just do it! Or ask a friend! Nothing says “I love and trust you” more than letting someone do your hair, right?



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