Going Solo

Last year on the 28th of August I had a life changing experience: I saw Wolf Alice live for the first time. If you know me personally you know how in love I am with this band.
And you know what? It almost didn’t happen! Why you ask?

Well first of all the following week I started my Erasmus semester in Dublin so I still had some things to take care of such as moving all of my plants into my mum’s place which requires a 4 1/2 hour drive as she lives in the north of Germany and I in the south.
That drive I had already planned and it was going to happen on the day of this show. The show, however, was in Hamburg and my mum doesn’t live there so I would have to catch a train after the 4 1/2 hour drive and the moving.
Secondly because I would be going alone.
Surprisingly that was the part that made me consider even more not to go. Is it really worth going through all this trouble if there’s no one to enjoy the experience with you?
But I really really wanted to see them!! So me being me I did all that anyway: Got up at 6, spent 5 hours in the car, dropped off my plants and luggage at my mum’s, napped an hour, and took a bus to Hamburg.

Written down this looks like an even worse plan, but it payed off!
I got there, put some glitter on my face for the proper wolf alice aesthetic, and waited for the show to start. And boy, I was not disappointed! The Support act (Gengahr) alone would have been worth the trouble, by the time Wolf Alice was on I was a puddle of happiness.
Sure I could have persuaded one of my friends to come with me, but at that time none of my friends really listened to the band and I didn’t want to drag someone to Hamburg just to be the only one really excited about the entire thing.

This idea that you won’t have anyone to enjoy it if you go to a concert alone is pure bullshit! You’re in a room entirely filled with people who are there for the exact same reason as you are!
Music vise it was easily in my top 3 concert experiences (and probably still is) and it didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything.
Au contraire! That experience lead me to go to a second show of them just a few days later and if the first show was a life changing experience, the second one was a moment destined to happen! But that’s a different story for another post.

All this leads me to a conclusion: It’s completely fine to go to a show alone. Or to any place really!

You love art house movies but your friends only watch summer blockbuster? Easy, go alone and enjoy the fuck out of it! I talked to an old lady after a screening of Personal Shopper and she told me it doesn’t bother her going alone because if she feels the need to talk about the movie afterwards she’ll just engage in a conversation with other people who were in the theatre with her (like me).

The first time I went to the movies alone I was 13 because I was new in town and my family didn’t want to see; Coraline.
I don’t know why it never bothered me to go to the movies alone but concerts felt like a different thing. It’s really not.
It’s better going alone than regretting not going.

Same goes to going on vacations or daytrips alone.

I recently came back from family holidays in Turkey but the week before that I was in Italy for four days by myself. I was staying in Pisa and also made day trips to the beach, Florence, and Monterosso al Mare and let me tell you it was amazing!

When I was planning on going to Italy I knew that none of my friends would be able to come with me because they were either broke or had to work or were simply not in Belgium at that time. So I looked up the cheapest flight and booked it.
It wasn’t the first time I was doing this. In the course of the last year I went to Montréal, Toronto, Amsterdam, and Helsinki alone. And I don’t regret one bit of it.

I do have to say sometimes I feel a bit weird before travelling somewhere alone simply because I get nervous.
Nervous because I have never been there before and what if something goes wrong or I can’t find the way or I can’t communicate with the locals or AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!! But so far this was always an irrational fear and as soon as I arrive I get super excited to discover the city.

The nice thing about travelling alone is that you can do what YOU want to do without considering someone else’s wishes and you can set your own pace.
I have been to dinner, concerts, and movies alone and while travelling might seem a big step further it really isn’t. Of course travelling with someone has its benefits like not always having to take your bag with you to a bathroom or when you get stung by a jellyfish you are not the only one freaking out but in the end you have to trust yourself that you’ll be able to handle the situation and if not they are always going to be people around you who can help. Worst case scenario: you call your parents.

Nothing should stop you from making the experiences you want to have. So, throw away the social convention that it is unacceptable or sad when doing things alone and just do it.

I am glad I did because otherwise I would have missed out on a few of the most beautiful views of my life.






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