Today I’m thinking about: Wolf Alice

The title of this post is the biggest understatement of the year: I think about Wolf Alice every day. Their Instagram stories are always first in line because they’re the only ones I always watch without a fail.

To be fair if I like something I always tend to be obsessive, either I love it to pieces or I can’t be bothered. So it should come to no surprise that I call them one of my favourite bands.

I love bands with female singers. Who am I kidding, women in bands in general own my ass. And there is something about Ellie Rowsell that is just mesmerising. She’s incredibly talented in writing and her voice just gets better and better.

There’s one particular song of theirs that I’m guessing everyone loves: Bros. I remember sending it to Aylin after a solid month of listening to it on repeat and telling her that it was our song. She immediately jumped to the line remember when we cut our hair, we both looked like boys but we didn’t care, because we both did cut our hair and didn’t care. What got me was the I tell you all the time I’m not mad, you tell me all the time I got plans. I can’t explain why but that line does it for me. It’s Aylin and me and Wolf Alice did that. I’m quite sure this song fits a million friendships but it never crosses my mind because it’s just so genuinely true to us two.



There are times when I don’t sleep and as a result feel like everything is going down the drain. In those times I try preparing a wholesome meal, and I listen to Blush on repeat until I’ve heard and sung along the lines curse the things that made me sad for so long, yeah it hurts to think that they can still go on, I’m happy now enough times that I feel like I actually did curse the things that made me sad. I’m not happy but I’m getting there.

I can just listen to them no matter how I feel or where I am.

Another thing that just speaks to me is the fact that they get political. They use their platform to speak out and do good. Be it the Christmas shows they organised bands 4 refugees, their active use of Twitter etc to speak about British politics and encouraging people to use their vote, but also their participation in demonstrations. Obviously they’re not the only ones to do so and I’m not saying it is a must for bands to be political, but sometimes I ask myself why you wouldn’t when you’ve got a platform like that.



Their new singles yuk foo and don’t delete the kisses are absolute bangers and the new album will be out the 29th of September. Honestly I can’t wait.

This photo series I made was inspired by them.  Used some good old collage skills and ended up with glitter and glue all over my hands… well worth it.

Shirt: wolf alice merch

High Waisted Trousers: secondhand

Earrings: faunayflora

2017-08-01 02.32.37.png


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